Author bio

The author, Werner van Ekkendonk, has been an entrepreneur since 2005. He discovered that there is a large demand for entrepreneurial education in The Netherlands and outside. 4 years ago he was asked to do a workshop at a secondary school about entrepreneurship. The school liked it so much that they asked to come back the next year and expand the training. This made him realise that for both the students as well as for business, there is so much more to get out of this training. This was the birth of a unique program called ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ (in Dutch ‘Ondernemen Op School’).

In the past 10 years he has helped lots of start-ups to start and grow their business. Untill today, many of them are still running a successful business and have expanded their business in the past years. One example is a mompreneur who started in 2010, who was unemployed at that time, had a debt of €25K due to a fraudulent ex-partner and was blank about entrepreneurship. 4 year later she had built up a business with a turnover of €400-500K per year. 2 years later her business had a severe crisis that nearly got her bankrupt, but she managed to downsize the company back to almost the starting point and working from home; nowadays she runs the business again from an office in The Hague, opened another business as a mental therapy practise and is hiring new staff.

One more example of those startups is an international event company that creates unique events, with sand sculptures as specialism. When the mentoring and guidance started in 2012, they were upscaling from 2 to 4 large events in The Netherlands. Nowadays they work at several locations globally.

Voluntary Impact Business Coach
Part of Werners bio, is his social DNA. Among others, he has been a voluntary business coach (both presential and virtual) for entrepreneurs in rural areas in countries like Ghana, Indonesia and Uganda. For example, he was in North Ghana to execute a business bootcamp (presential), including both class room training and individual mentor meetings. After finishing the business bootcamp the coaching was handed over to a local NGO. After 1,5 year a short survey was made to measure the impact and over 50% of the participants answered to have more turnover, more customer awareness and improved social-economic situations (even though circumstances were very tough over there!).

More bio
Besides all this, he has been a jury member on several startup award ceremonies. Also he participated as voluntary business coach in 2013-2014 during the BID Student Challenge (, Amsterdam). The idea behind this challenge was to create business concepts that have a sustainable social economic impact in rural areas. The team that was mentored by him, ended up in the top 3.

Werner is from The Netherlands, Europe, married and father of 3 kids.
He is the CEO of the EURObizz Group that holds 2 businesses and is associated with the EURObizz Friendz Foundation.