EURObizz Academy provides an online training platform (LMS) for schools, SMEs and independent  trainers. On one site we help you to provide with and to get access to a wide range of courses and training, whenever and wherever you need. On the other side, we facilitate you to place your courses and trainings online and work with ‘blended learning’ as a method.

E-learning by EURObizz Academy
Our e-learing service can be used in various ways. First of all, we offer e-learing to students as part of our program ‘Entrepreneurship At School’, but student companies can also use our platform to create, publish and monetize their digital products.

For Schools
Secondly, schools can use our e-learning service as part of their curriculum. More and more schools are working with ‘personalized learning’ where students study individual on certain topics within a classroom, at their own speed and in their self-chosen following order. In that case, the teacher is more like a mentor/coach who helps them with their learning process. Schools can also use our e-learning services to train their staff and teachers on relevant topics.

For SMEs
A SME will be able to use our e-learning service as HR tool and train their staff. Whether that is to keep employable by keeping them active in a lifelong learning or to update them about new products, services, procedures or programs used. Even periodically testing of knowledge can be a need to can be filled in.
Also, you can, as an SME, offer additional training or courses to your (end) customer. That can be to train them about your products, programs or other services your offer to them. Another application can be to offer your customer training about their sector or other relevant items, as part of rewarding and maintaining their loyalty.

For Individual Professionals
As an individual trainer or small training company, you want to monetize your knowledge and content to a large audience, national or international. You want to market your trainings and courses. As a trainer, you can combine classroom training with online training (this is called blended learning), but you can also choose to sell purely online.


Each customer will get their own private landing page which will be xxxxxxxx (your organization).eurobizzacademy.eu. As an additional option, we can provide you with a specific domain that will be silently redirected to that private landing page.

E-learning support
Each customer can use our free online support or simply call us at our Dutch phone number. On top of that, we can, if desired and relevant, connect your chosen domain to our marketing automation and monitor results of visitors, sent automated messages and build your database of leads and customers.

You can simply upload your own content or have us transform you content into digital content and create e-leanings for you. Of course, this second options is much more time consuming and requires a higher budget. Please let us know your wishes and needs and contact us today.