Entrepreneurship At School

Entrepreneurship At SchoolEURObizz Academy has developed a very unique, complete and practical educational program about entrepreneurship. This program is called ‘Entrepreneurship At School‘. It has already been executed on several schools in The Netherlands and expanding to other countries is being processed right now.

October 2018 we started with the project Youth Empowerment by Entrepreneurial Skills (YES) with 4 partners in Italy, UK, Lituania and Cyprus. The YES-project is a tailor made version of ‘Entrepreneurship At School’, aimed at fighting youth unemployment.

Entrepreneurship At School aims to train students between 15 and 21 years at High School and Pre Bachalor level.

Our mission, vision and passion
Our goal with the ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ program is to give a highly realistic experience of how the startup and building up of a company goes. In our view, this can only be done by trainers that are entrepreneurs themselves nowadays and share their current knowledge and experience with students. From this experience, it is our passion to let students really discover what it is to set up a business through a practical, comprehensive and unique program. Entrepreneurship At School prepare for exams on the theme of entrepreneurship. Thus we are capable to fully relieve schools and provide students a continuous learning.

Dutch website: www.ondernemenopschool.nl
English website: www.entrepreneurshipatschool.eu
Spanish website: www.emprendimientoenelinstituto.eu
German website: www.unternehmeninderschule.eu
Italian website: www.imprenditorialitaascuola.eu

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