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PublishingEURObizz Academy is a registered Dutch publisher that is focused on publishing on educational and business materials. This can be a book, e-book, e-learning, audio, video and other types of publications. Are you an author of educational or business content, we can help you to register your products, publish them and, if desired, print them.

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For Schools
Secondly, schools can use our publishing service as part of their curriculum development. More and more schools are working on ‘inhouse development’ for certain topics or are co-creating with other schools.
Also teachers are developing materials with internal or external peers. In that case, EURObizz Academy can help as a registered publisher.

Schools and teachers don’t have the hassle of the publication process and can even decide to leave the distrubution to use if desired. Every school and every situation is different and we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Therefore we always work with tailor made publishing solutions for schools.


For SMEs
A SME will be able to use our publishing service as HR tool for internal training materials or when they decide to publish books to monitize their knowledge, experience and expertise. Whether it is to keep employees employable by keeping them active in a lifelong learning or to update them about new products, services, procedures or programs used or service their customers in an

additional way or to set up an additional business or marketing line, we are flexible enough to cover that in a such a way that it fits your business case.

Think about it, how can you, as an SME, add value to your customer relations and increase loyalty by offering them additional trainings about  the related sector or related activities. Also you can train stakeholders, like purchasers, about your (new) products, programs or other services your offer to them. Do you want to brainstorm about this? We are here for you!


For Individual Professionals
As an individual professional you can be a writer or a trainer or a consultant or any other profession.

By publishing your book, you not only confirm your status of expert, you also can monetize your knowledge and content to a large audience, national or international.

As a trainer you want to market your trainings and courses, but also publish them as authentic owned content. You can even combine a physical book with access to additional online content or e-learning. It’s now up to you to grab those chances! Email or call us.